The Archives: Transcontinental Drift 1.0 (2003)

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In 2003, before we were married, we took a year off and traveled for most of that time. We created a website to share our photos and journals and called it Below is a summary of our trip.

Peru: Visited friends in Lima, hiked Machu Picchu, took a trip into the mosquito infested jungle.

Brazil: Took a slow ferry down the Amazon from Peru to Manaus, spent time with Tania’s family, enjoyed Carnaval with friends.

Thailand: Celebrated Songkran, explored Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Koh Chang, Koh Samet and the northeast.

Laos: Taught English at several schools in Phonsavanh.

India: Visited Calcutta, Dehli, Darjeeling. In Ladakh, we saw the Dalai Lama speak and went on a trek in the mountains.

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