Hello everybody it’s me Max back with another blog post in Neunburg vorm Wald, Germany 🇩🇪 on our amazing blog transcontinental drift 2.0. I hope you liked my last blog post and if you haven’t seen it yet go check it out. It was really fun seeing my second cousin Lucca and his parents Rachel and Tammo in Neuwiller, France. While we were there we went to a big pool with two diving boards, one of which was very tall. We jumped off the diving boards, swam in the pool and went down a very fast, metal water slide for a while. But then it started raining so we had to leave, which was too bad because it would’ve been really fun in the rain. The metal water slide was so exciting because we were able to spin ourselves around while going down it and jump off the end into the water. After dinner that night Lucca, Henry, and I played video games together until we had to go to bed. One of the days we were there we went to a park called Schützenmatt Park. At the park there were people playing a game called Viking Chess or Kubb, where you throw sticks at upright blocks to try to knock them all over.

Also on one of the days some of our Brazilian relatives came to visit from Brazil. They stayed in a hotel for two days and then they left. On our last day we went to the Vitra Design Museum that has a really tall curly slide that was very fun and fast. We went down the slide a few times and then went to the museum/store which had a lot of cool furniture and other things. There was one big couch with walls that had so many pillows that Henry just had to dive into a pile of them. The furniture was very fancy and cool and included some very famous chairs by famous designers. We got to sit on some of the furniture and it was very comfortable especially the couches. We also went to a good Turkish restaurant for lunch and the food was very good.

After we ate lunch at the good Turkish restaurant, we drove to a zip lining place that we had been to the last time we saw Lucca. It was very fun when we got there and we started out with the hardest route and by the time we finished our last route they were already closing up and all of the ladders to get to the routes were rolled up. When we left the next day we drove to Mengen where our next place was booked. In Mengen, I went to a supermarket with my dad and got some food and we also bought some Nesquik chocolate milk that was the same kind that we had at Lucca’s house. On our second day in Mengen we went to a castle/Royal Palace called Sigmaringen Castle, where we saw a lot of fancy palace stuff and canons. In the armory we saw a lot of crazy weapons like swords, war hammers, and some… provocative attire. Too bad we weren’t allowed to take pictures.


From Mengen, we drove to Neunburg vorm Wald, Germany were we are now. Our first day here we went to Trisching, the town where my dad’s great-grandparents used to live and went on a big mystery hunt with a man named Joseph to find the house where they used to live. We found where it used to be, but it was long gone.


This morning we went on a hike up the hill next to our house to find a look out spot with a bench and a little log roof thing.

On the way there we came upon a “sniper tower” (not really) which was really cool and looked pretty old. We just got back from a beer festival in Trisching that was really loud and cold. Tomorrow we will leave to go to Prague in the Czech Republic and we don’t really know what we’re going to do there but we’ll see. And that’s aw fur today folks so see yur nex time👋.

4 Replies to “Komm hol kumpel mich kämpfen!”

  1. That slide looks amazing! Thanks for the update Max. Sounds like you are all more than surviving….hugs to you and your family (especially your mom).

  2. Oh, Max! You should write a book. Your writing makes me want to read more and more!
    Which Brazilian relatives did you see?
    Keep the blogs coming. I love them!

  3. Wow! Nax, you are using links in your blog. That makes it really easy for me and Karen to learn more about what you are doing and seeing. Looking forward to”seeing” Prague through your eyes! See yur next time!

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